Work Health & Safety

We recognise

  • our moral and legal responsibility is to provide a safe and health work environment for our employees, contractors, clients and visitors. The commitment extends to ensuring our operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage
  • that commitment to work health & safety is a shared commitment between the employer, managers, supervisors, employees, contractors, suppliers and other concerned parties,
  • and support the rights of all parties to express their concerns over safety in the workplace and expect those concerns to be addressed,
  • that WHS has the same importance as other key considerations in achieving a safe and healthy environment,
  • to achieve an ever improving standard of health and safety performance we must continuous improve our health and safety objectives, targets, systems and procedures


Our objective Is to achieve and maintain an accident and incident free workplace where all persons participate in and enjoy the work environment.To achieve our objective, we will:

  • work to achieve ongoing compliance with relevant Acts, Regulations, Compliance Codes, Codes & standards for our facilities, amenities, products, systems of work, materials, plant and equipment and other inputs and outputs of our activities,
  • maintain an WHS management system to record safety performance with the target of achieving a decreasing rate of non-compliance,
  • maintain consultation processes that provides employees the opportunity to participate in the decision making processes, to share their concerns and have those concerns considered in ongoing planning and work activities,
  • provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors, clients and visitors and regularly report safety performance to our employees,
  • maintain injury management and rehabilitation processes as required,
  • monitor our performance and undertake annual management reviews